Saturday, June 11, 2005

Foggy Morning - Videocast Saturday

I probably will use the weekends to catch up on my other projects, but sometimes I may post here something for the week ahead. You are on holiday, I am moving and so I will probably post very lightly next week. I will leave it to you and Dave to decide the level of "work" you wish to pursue.

But try to post a few thousand words while you are away (and remember how much a picture is worth).

Also, as Dave can attest, I am pretty much always online (not really, but close). So if you need any help getting connected, uploading or accessing vids then give me a buzz and let me know what you need.

Have a great time. Give my love to your mom and Jen. Tell Jen "Geek!". Please show her this video. Be safe.


Blogger spinflower said...

Hey there,

Looking good!


12:30 PM  

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