Wednesday, June 08, 2005

New Blog! (soon to be Vlog!)

Summer Spin RachelI am excited to be working with my friend Rachel Toole. She is home from NYU for the summer and we are collaborating to document the process of implementing SpinFlow principles at Outhink, Inc.

Yes, Outhink. Everyone can derive value from more SpinFlow training and discipline. Like Tai-Chi or a martial art, SpinFlow requires study and practice. There are no colored belts, but clearly there are masters and there are people who have a passion to create and wish to spin and flow media with ease.

So how are we doing it? First we are establishing modern networking lines of communication between us and, to that end, we have created a pair of blogs (mine's a vlog, hers will be soon also; others may follow).

Much of our discussions and activities will revolve around using SpinXpress, ANT and vlogs. You can find all the details and my first video related to this on my new vlog. Rachel is free to do whatever she likes with her blog and I think it's already very interesting.

You are invited to observe and participate through the comments, we are very interested in your feedback and value quality interaction.

Rachel's Summer Spin blog.


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