Friday, June 10, 2005

Friday!!! Vacation time coming!

I have lot's to share, but I mainly want you to do the things you need to do before going to Cabo. I imagine this may be abit of a hectic day and so please know that I just want you mainly to get done the things that will make it possible for you, Dave and your family to have a great trip and come back with some great stories, pics and vids to share.

When you come back, we'll get into posting vids and more about SpinCasting.

I want Dave to have the best access to all our new tools on the trip, if possible. I don't know your plans yet, but will hope you will post text and pics from time to time. I also have a "conceptual" assignment for you that I want you to think about on your trip and perhaps discuss with people you might meet. More on this later.

So, mainly make sure you have a still camera (and batteries and all that stuff). Make sure you have access and can use a video cam (is Dave taking the Sony hand held?). Also, Dave gave Diane a nice little camera for the holidays, I believe. I think it's a nice little Sony that can take 30 second movies. Many people do a lot of interesting video work with those. Requires some simple editing skills? Have you ever done that? I just started. Do you have iMovie on that Mac? Make sure you have the latest version (get the whole iLife package - it's only $79 online at - have company pay - get iWorks too - also $79). Not a huge priority, but please do it in within the next two weeks ... phone call ... more soon.


Blogger Rachel636 said...

Hello! In response to all of the things you suggested we have- yes we have a camera, a videa camera, and I do have imovie on this computer. I have used that program to edit movies before, although I did get some help from people who had already used it.

1:19 PM  
Blogger Markus Sandy said...

Please show this video to Dave and say "look what our friend Michael Verdi did with Senator John Edwards".

Please ask Dave to note the dates in this video and reflect on the importance of a simple and hassle free sponsorship payment method.

Mention, that while Outhink is in no way directly responsible for this, we can claim to have helped a little bit by helping Michael to do what he does.

This was partially occomplished during a month-long visit he had with Ryanne, Jay and the folks at Rocketboom.

Rocketboom posts a "news" video every weekday (Fridays are usually "casual"). I like much of what they do and present and I think it is at least as entertaining as Jon Stewart's Daily Show.

Rocketboom is anchored by Amanda Cogdon and produced by Andrew Michael Baron, who can be seen Michael's John Edwards Video.

1:24 PM  

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