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Hi Rachel. I was hoping to do a bit of a detailed post here but may have to make it wuick for not to deal with a change in meeting time (I'm off to LA for a while - please leave message on cel if you need anything).

I may evolve this post, so please check back. I'll just state the deliverables for today and then fill in more as needed and to document process. You will probably figure it all out without my help anyway.

1. set up a Flickr account (I know you have pics elsewhere, but I have a need for using flickr here). help Dave do it too when he has time. Upload some pics that you are comfortable about sharing.
2. Figure out how to put a Flickr picture in a blog post like this:

Markus Sandy
(well, hopefully not as funny looking).
3. Set up and learn to use for shared bookmarks. Create at least three bookmarks with the tag "creative professional" that link to sites of passionate creative professionals that you would like to share with Dave and I.
4. Write a post about this and include a link to your "creative professionals" list on
5. Watch Rene's great vid on tagging. Show it to dave and say "this is Rene in San Francisco".
6. Look at her green thing video too. I have a green thing fabric I would like to pass on to you if you would like. Show this to your dad and say "look, collaborative art in mail and on web in video".
7. Please post thoughts and observations on these two web services on your blog. Make comments here.


Blogger Rachel636 said...

Markus- I'm excited to get to work today. Each assignment sounds useful and exciting to try to figure out. I went to the site and was a little confused. Is this just a site where you organize and list all of your recommended or important sites? Hopefully, I will be able to figure it out once I have to create my own bookmarks and links. I appreciate you keeping me busy over here when I know you have your own work to get done.

The virtual meeting sounds interesting that you have to conduct. What is the topic? I'd love to know what the outcome is! Also, about July 30th- the womens blogging convention- I'm wondering if you could maybe direct me to a couple people you know who might be going so I can begin to build some relationships. It would be great to actually go into that convention knowing a couple people.

Can't wait to get started today and I will keep you posted. What is your cell phone number just in case I have any questions?

10:20 AM  
Blogger Rachel636 said...

Hello again- I think your in LA but I just wanted to let you know that dowloading and using flicker and was very easy and I made another post talking about each program and what I was able to do with them. Hope you had a good day!

2:24 PM  
Blogger Markus Sandy said...

I sent my phone numbers via email.

10:57 AM  
Blogger Markus Sandy said...

The general topics of these meetings is centered on video and videoblogging, although we joke and entertain each other a lot too. We talk about current events in our Yahoo! Videoblogging Group (over 700 strong now and 1 year old). We talk about techniques and why we do what we are doing.

We do this once or twice a week typically and they are open to the public. We post all notices in the Yahoo! Videoblogging Goup and on our "wiki".

Raymond from Norway gave our group an assignment: shot a 20 second video that shows 3 strangers and 2 people you know and has a voice over that ties together the words "China", "Costa Rica" and "Gernamy".

I asked people to contribute 5-15 second vids giving a good reason to support a creative professional. See my blog for my own example in the articles "What's it Worth" and "A Call For Collaboration - Why Sponsor"

11:11 AM  
Blogger Markus Sandy said...

Yes, I can direct you to some wonderful people who may be at the conference.

First is Ryanne Hodson. She is presenting at BlogHer, is a video artist and leader in the Videoblogging community, lives in Harlem and is sponsored in her work through SpinFlow. I consider her a friend and have told her about you.

Also, I would very much like to recommend that you visit Rene Amini's blog at Luxomedia.

Please explore her entire site and become familiar with her services and think about how we might best interact with her - e.g., maybe we should ask her about silkscreen shirt for our meetup - see here videoblogging week 2005 entires.

I have not asked her if she is attending. I hope so. Please ask her. I have asked her to work with us onsome SpinFlow projects in the very near future.

She lives in San Francisco, near the old Filmore. I like "rengade" a lot and think she has super videos (and the green thing project that I would like to talk to you about).

Please read the most recent article on "Collaborative Video" at to find out more about Ryanne and Rene.

Also, Zadi Dias, a.k.a karmagrrrl, is planning to come up. She is a wonderful photo journalist who lives in LA. I have communicated with Zadi just a few times, but she seems like a very creative person too.

There are many others who I hope to mention such as Jan in NYC and Deirdre in Italy. My apologies to anyone I have neglected to mention.

I hope to add my wife Alica's name to the list soon, as she is going to benefit from all this too. She may blog/vlog soon too and wants to share her watercolors. I am hoping she will also come up for BlogHer.

Dave is hoping to sponsor a dinner for "like minded folks" (i.e., creatives and vloggers and others) when Ryanne (and Jay) come out to visit and meet with us.

I will be asking you to help me coordinate all of these things when you come back.

I would also like it if you would offer Ryanne any help she might need in preparation for her presentation. I have not yet asked her about this, so I do not know what she needs (if anything).

I am hoping that by the time that BlogHer comes around, you will be meeting with "old" friends.

11:49 AM  
Blogger Rachel636 said...

OK- this has been a good and busy day. I feel like I have looked at so many sites and so many different approaches of talking about blogs and video blogs. First of all I went to Raymond's site from Norway and watched his 15 min vlog. I thought it was hilarious watching him try to sing- one of my favorite vlogs so far!! I watched Renegades vlog yesterday and showed it to my dad today. She does a very good job at simply describing what tagging is and directing people to sites that can help them learn more.

I also went to Ryannes video blogging web site. I've watched most of the vlogs she has on her site and will email her today asking if she needs help with her presentation. I definitely want to build a relationship with her and I would love to help you coordinate a dinner where everyone can get together when she comes to California.

I think it would be great if Alicia came to the BlogHer convention as well- just one more person I would already know and could talk to about all of this.

Finally, I went to your "Collaborative Video" site and thought it was very well done. I found out more information about the people you have already introduced me to and I feel you successfully represented each of the programs you discuss. That web site will be very useful to look back to if need be. Alright...I have more to do so I'll catch up a little later

2:19 PM  

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